Applications 2019

The 2019 application period rendered more than 70 submissions for scholarship. The applications are now being processed and by 30 April those granted as well as those rejected will be informed by e-mail. Later the name of the persons granted a scholarship will be published on this site. 

The next application window will open coming November and the deadline for submissions is 3 February 2020.

Prepare your application by reading about the scholarship and the FAQ page, and the Application page.

2 thoughts on “Applications 2019”

  1. Alessandro Bigigio

    I am an Italian Postdoctoral Fellow working in the USA. I obtained my PhD in France. Does my previous extended experience abroad (2012-2018) disqualify me from the scholarship?

    1. Dear Alessandro,
      No, your previous experience does not disqualify you from applying.
      Welcome to submit your application!
      best regards,
      //The Foundation Blanceflor team

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