Please read the Frequently Asked Questions below to facilitate the application process.
This section is based on The Foundation Blanceflor’s by-law and a compilation of questions asked during the last application periods. You can make comments or ask further questions to The Foundation Blanceflor below, but the comments are being moderated due to spam, and usually become published and answered within 24 hours.

Application procedure

We recommend you to read through the application form first and then prepare the résumés required in a separate document, ready to copy-and-paste into the form. Make also sure that you have prepared thoroughly the pdf’s you must upload to complete your application, some of those are scanned documents you will have to demand from your present institution and the institution that will receive you during the term of the scholarship. Finally, with everything else prepared, take notice that the final ‘captcha’ may time-out, perhaps you must renew it so keep a separate copy of everything written in the form!


Q: Can a non-Italian, non-Swedish citizen apply?
A: Only Italian and Swedish citizens are qualified to apply for the scholarship.


Q: Am I overaged, 33 years, but can I apply anyway?
A: The Foundation Blanceflor like to privilege younger scientists, that’s why ‘normally not older than 33 years’ is said. However, if you present particular reasons of why your studies/research are carried out while older than 33 years, those might be understood by The Foundation Blanceflor. Such flexibility could, for example, apply to childcare, but should in no case comprise more than a couple of years.

Level of studies/research

Q: Can an undergraduate student apply for a scholarship?
A: The Foundation Blanceflor prioritise PhD and post-doc studies. Master students are scarcely awarded and undergraduate students not.

Q: Can I get a scholarship for studies not integrated in the formal academic system?
A: The Foundation Blanceflor scholarship is oriented towards academic studies and institutions.

Q: I am a Medical doctor, not PhD, do I qualify anyway for a scholarship?
A: The Foundation Blanceflor support high-level academic studies and research and prioritise doc and post-doc applicants.

Support from ‘sending’ institution

Q: What do you mean with the support letter from a ‘sending’ institution?
A: We refer to the institution where you are presently, or lately have been, engaged as the ‘sending’ institution. It is important to know that you count with the knowledge and support from these persons and the institution.

Q: What do you mean with “relevant person”?
A: We refer to “relevant person” as someone like the teamleader, decanus/director of the institution, the university or it’s administration where you are – or lately have been – engaged.

Receiving institution Invitation

Q: Do I need to have an established relation with a receiving institution, or could I apply for the scholarship without a receiving institution, PhD program, etc.?
A: Having a receiving institution is an absolute requisite, without it your application will not be finally considered. Moreover, you must certify this relation with a letter from the receiving institution. This letter should be written and signed by a relevant person on the receiving institution’s stationery paper, scanned and saved as a pdf.

Q: What do you mean with “relevant person”?
A: We refer to “relevant person” as someone who is the teamleader, decanus/director of an institution, the university or it’s administration. A person that has the mandate and knowledge to make this invitation

Period for the studies

Q: Is it possible to apply, already having initiated the studies/research period?
A: Yes, the scholarship is granted for a maximum of a one-year period, specified in your application, while studies/research often span over a longer period of time. However, one could apply for a second year with scholarship from The Foundation Blanceflor.

Q: Can a 12-month period start and end at any time (for example, start September, etc.)
A: Yes, the scholarship is awarded for one year at a time and the supposed period for starting is from May-June onwards, but there is no problem starting later. However if it is later than May-June the following year you are supposed to apply during that next period, the following year.

Q: Can I apply for a second year of scholarship?
A: Yes, but you will have to do another application when it is time for it. A third year is not awarded.

Q: How to manage a study period spanning over several years?
A: You apply for the scholarship for one year, in the budget and other documents you detail the whole period. You are then enabled to apply for a second year.

Q: Is there a minimum period for the scholarship?
A: Not really, but The Foundation Blanceflor does not prioritise grants for very short periods.

Tax exemption

Q: Do I have to pay tax on the scholarship?
A: According to Swedish tax law, grants from the Foundation Blanceflor are not taxable income in Sweden. Each holder of a grant is advised to check the tax situation in the relevant other territory.

Deadline for application

Q: If I can not meet the application deadline with all the documents?
A: The application on the web form must be submitted before the deadline. If you have problem with any of the documents, please let us know to consider the situation.

Q: Will I receive a confirmation of my application?
A: Yes, you will receive an e-mail confirming your application.

Q: Is it possible to deliver personally the documents to The Foundation Blanceflor’s office?
A: Normally not, but if you have a special case let us know, info@blanceflor.se!

Documents attached

Curriculum Vitae

Q: I have a Curriculum Vitae, but it does not follow the EU standard, do I have to remake it?
A: We like to see your CV in the standard format that EU provides, please use the link to learn more: http://europass.cedefop.europa.eu/en/documents/curriculum-vitae.

Q: I have my Curriculum Vitae printed on paper, could I submit it sending it with ordinary mail?
A: No, your CV should conform to the EU standard (see above), be saved as a pdf-file and uploaded in the Application Form.

Study Certificates

Q: What do you mean with study certificates?
A: The study certificate certifiy your academic achievement, it’s typically issued by the university or similar authority. Do not submit certificates of non-academic studies, unless you consider them relevant.

Q: Do I have to translate the study certificates into English?
A: No, it is OK to include them in their original language, we’ll manage.

Q: Is it possible to send the certificates, in copy, by ordinary mail?
A: No, your certificates should be scanned, saved as a pdf-file and uploaded in the Application Form.

Project Proposal Summary

Q: The Project Proposal Summary, should it be more general or more ‘technical’?
A: It should, of course, reflect the complete project and our board are specialists in their areas and thus able to read a purely scientific description.

Q: The summary should be maximum 500 words?
A: Yes, try to write a summary, you are not winning points making it longer! We do not print out beyond 500 words!

Budget estimation

Q: What should I include in the Budget estimation, travel, conferences, food and lodging, workshops, insurance, furniture, etc.?
A: We like to see a total budget of your estimated expenses for the study period. We do not defray institutional costs, fees or laboratory material, but rather contribute to your personal cost of living.

Q: The receiving institution pays a salary, is that an impediment while applying for the scholarship?
A: It is not, but should of course be detailed in the Budget estimation.

Q: I have applied for other scholarships or resources, does that disqualify me for an award from The Foundation Blanceflor?
A: No, it does not, but detail whatever contribution in your Budget estimation.

Invitation letter from receiving institution

Q: I do not have the invitation letter yet, could I apply anyway?
A: The Invitation letter from the receiving institution is a requisite, your application will not be considered without it.

Q: Could the receiving institution send the letter of invitation directly to The Foundation Blanceflor?
A: No, it should be written on institutional stationery paper, signed by a relevant person, scanned and saved as a pdf and uploaded with your application.

Q: I do not have any receiving institution, could you be helpful finding me one?
A: No, The Foundation Blanceflor support studies/research, but does not intervene in the design of the same or the contacts to set it up.

Q: I can not get the invitation letter in time for the application, can I apply anyway?
A: If the invitation letter is late, please let us know when it could be expected. Your application will not be finally considered without this letter.

Reference and/or recommendation letters

Q: Could reference or recommendation letters be sent directly to The Foundation Blanceflor and could it be e-mail or does it have to be on paper?
A: Yes, letters could be sent directly to The Foundation Blanceflor if you or the referents so prefer. It could be either paper och e-mail to info@blanceflor.se.

Q: Do you prefer recommendations or references in sealed envelopes?
A: It is not a requisite as such, but is accepted if you or the referents prefer.

Q: My references or recommendation letters are late, could I apply anyway?
A: These documents are not a requisite – different from the recommendation and invitation letter from “sending” and “receiving” institutions – but please put yourself in contact with our office so we know that the letters will arrive and approximately when.

Technical problems submitting the Application

Q: I get error messages when I try to submit the application on the web form, what do I have to do?
A: The most probable issue is that the so called ‘captcha’ at the end of the form (the characters that should be copied) has timed out. If you reload the page this problem should be solved. However, we recommend you to write down all the information in a word processor and thereafter copy-and-paste it into the form, thus making it a swift process in order to avoid time out problems.

Q: Should I use any particular web browser to avoid technical problems with the web form?
A: Not really, the form should work with any reasonably modern web browser, either in Windows, MacOS X or Linux. It has been tested in Firefox, Opera, Safari and recent versions of Internet Explorer (versions 10 and 11). Older versions of IE could display the information inadequately, including the web form for application.


  1. Matteo says:

    Dear Foundation Blanceflor team,

    I am an Italian researcher who pursued his Ph.D. in France, and I am currently working as a postdoctoral fellow in the United States of America. Does my previous experience abroad disqualify me from the Foundation Blanceflor fundings?

    • webmaster says:

      Dear Matteo,
      No, your experience does not disqualify you. However at some point priorities might incline towards students/researchers who want to make their first experience abroad. That said, is also important to stress that this would be just one of many factors, the project as such, your previous experience, etc. might be assesed as just as important. Actually, many of the scholarships awarded are granted to non-first experiences… So you are welcome to submit your application!
      best regards,
      //The Foundation Blanceflor team

  2. Claudio says:

    I would like to apply for the second year fellowship but the link “Application, 2nd year” on the web page http://blanceflor.se/application/ does not work.
    May I ask you what shall i do?
    Thank you, best regards

    • webmaster says:

      Dear Claudio,
      Thank you for calling our attention upon a link that did not work properly!
      The form as such, however do work if reached from the header meny of the page, and now — thank’s to your observation! — the link has also been repaired!
      best regards,
      //The Foundation Blanceflor team

  3. Selina Suchdev says:

    As a future master student, what should I include in the study/research proposal résumé and the study/research project proposal?


    • webmaster says:

      Dear Selina,
      The proposal and the résumé are the same, the latter just in brief. As can be deduced from what it is called (study/research project proposal), it is a description of the subject matter you are about to study and research. It is a technical/scientific description, as formulated to the university/institution that invited you.
      Welcome to submit your application!
      best regards,
      //The Foundation Blanceflor team

  4. Victor Lisinski says:


    In the FAQ it says that the Project Proposal Summary should be approximately 200 words. On the other hand, in the application description it says that it should be maximum 3.500 characters. In my text, 3.500 characters rather corresponds to 500 words, so I just wanted to check that the number of characters are what is important, rather than the number of words. Is this correct?

    Best regards
    Victor Lisinski

    • webmaster says:

      Dear Victor,
      Thank you for high-lighting this incoherence that will be corrected swiftly.
      The important thing is that this résumé really is a résumé, i.e. a short description.
      It could even be said: the shorter, the better. Whatever doubt could be resolved in the complete description on max 10 pages.
      The résumé should catch ones attention.
      Thank’s again for helping us be better!
      best regards,
      //The Foundation Blanceflor team

  5. Sunny Vagnozzi says:

    The budget template which can be downloaded from the home page appears to be protected, i.e. the fields where one should fill in the expected expenses cannot be filled. I get the error message: “Protected cells can not be modified.”. Could you please upload an unprotected copy or suggest how to proceed?

    • webmaster says:

      Dear Sunny,
      We have revised the budget template and found it correct.
      You are supposed to fill in coloured fields/cells, organge or blue, and the sums will be made up automatically.
      Which specific cell in the Excel sheet have given you the error message cited?
      As soon as you help us to find out where and what we will correct the template immediately!
      Awaiting your kind response!
      best regards,
      //The Foundation Blanceflor team

      • Sunny Vagnozzi says:

        It works now (looked like it was a problem with my version of Excel), thanks for looking into this anyway!

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