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Your application for a scholarship from The Foundation Blanceflor is made only in the web form below. You will have to provide some personal information, information on the studies/research subject of the application and upload some documents.To prepare your application make first the following résumés in a separate document and have them ready to copy-paste into the application form.

  1. (*) Study/research proposal résumé (max 3.500 characters incl. spaces)
  2. (*) Your academic achievements (max 500 characters incl. spaces);
  3. (*) Your previous occupations (max 500 characters incl. spaces);
  4. (*) Your present occupation (max 500 characters incl. spaces).

Text exceeding the given character limit will not be taken into consideration.

Further more, you should have the documents enlisted below – all of them as pdf – prepared and handy to upload into the form. The name of each pdf should contain your name, avoiding diacritics. The budget must be provided in a template you'll need to download first, use the link below.

  1. (*) Study/research project proposal (max 10 pages, pdf, max 5 MB);
  2. (*) CV in the EU-format that you find at (pdf, max 2 MB);
  3. (*) Budget estimation made in ourBudget template (pdf, max 2 MB);
  4. (*) Academic certificates, scanned and saved as one pdf-document (pdf, max 5 MB);
  5. (*) Recommendation letter from present or previous academic institution (official stationery letter, signed and scanned) (pdf, max 2. MB);
  6. (*) Invitation letter from receiving institution where the studies/research are to take place (official stationery letter, signed and scanned) (pdf, max 2 MB);
  7. List of academic publications (optional) (pdf, max 2 MB).

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Other applications made for the same purpose including amount:

Documents to be uploaded:

Saved and uploaded as .pdf archives
1. Study/research project proposal (max 10 pages, pdf, max 5 MB);*
2. CV in the EU-format (pdf, max 2 MB);*

Download the EU CV form

3. Budget estimation made in our Budget template (pdf, max 2 MB)*

Download the Budget template.

4. Academic certificates, scan and save as one pdf-document (pdf, max 5 MB)*
5. Recommendation letter from present or previous institution, scan and saved as pdf (pdf, max 2 MB)*
6. Invitation letter from the institution where the studies/research will take place. It is a letter written on official stationery, signed and scanned. (pdf, max 2 MB)*
7. List of academic publications. (pdf, max 2 MB)

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Information and confirmation according to the Personal Data Act

The Foundation Blanceflor will process the information you present in connection with your application. After that the board of the foundation will examine your application to decide if you are going to be awarded a grant.

The decision of the Foundation is final. Due to the fact that the grant consists of money some of your information can be provided to our accountants and auditors who will examine the distribution of the scholarships.

The Foundation will keep your information if you in the future once again will apply for a scholarship. If you will be awarded a scholarship the foundation will present you as a holder of the scholarship on the Foundation´s web site

The foundation is responsible for the handling of your information. If you would like to withdraw your application or if you would like to revise or delete information, please contact the Foundation. When checking the box below and signing this application you confirm that the founda­tion is allowed to utilize your information as above.

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