The Foundation Blanceflor Board has decided to award 19 of the applications 2019. Read the names below!

The application period 2020 will open coming November and the dead line for submissions is 3 February 2020.

The following persons have been awarded The Foundation Blanceflor scholarship 2019: Cathrine Axfors (Swedish citizen to Stanford, USA); Marta Baroncelli (Italian citizen to KI, Sweden); Veronica Cartocci (Italian citizen to KI, Sweden); Miriam Cipullo (Italian citizen to KI, Sweden); Noemi Colozza (Italian citizen to KTH, Sweden); Luca D’Amario (Italian citizen to FUB, Germany); Silvia Fanni (Italian citizen to LU, Sweden); Arvid Guterstam (Swedish citizen to Princeton, USA); Monica Lorenzon (Italian citizen to Berkeley Lab, USA); Giuseppe Melilli (Italian citizen to KTH, Sweden); William Nyberg (Swedish citizen to UCSF, USA); Gustav Pettersson (Swedish citizen to MIT, USA); Alba Rosa Piacenti (Italian citizen to Oxford, Great Britain); Taddeo Salemi (Italian citizen to SU, Sweden); Emma Tegling (Swedish citizen to Caltech, USA); Maggie Yeung Wong (Swedish citizen to UCSF, USA); and, Oliver Åstrand (Swedish citizen to NYU, USA). For personal reasons, two applicants did not accept the grant.


The Foundation Blanceflor Boncompagni Ludovisi, née Bildt has awarded about
SEK 95 million by promoting research and high level education.


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